Oi! Get off our train!

August 23, 2007 at 10:46 pm (books, kids) (, )

We’ve had a refresh of the children’s books that we read recently (got some more from the cellar up onto the book shelves) and one of the ones that has come out of hiding is John Burningham‘s ‘Oi, Get off our train!‘.

This is a simple, but great book.  Like all of John Burningham’s books I’ve come across it has a serious message tucked away – in this case about the environmental impact of our modern world on the habitat of animals – but it is a subtle theme to the main story.

The illustrations are wonderful, but simple, with a several different styles employed.  Some pages are just large illustrations with no words.

Several years back, this was made into a 30 minute animation and shown on the telly over Christmas.  We still have a copy on video.  The story was tweaked slightly, but on the whole it was very well done, keeping the overall feel of the style of the illustrations.  It ought to be due a fresh airing too.

Anyway, we like John Burningham.


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