The Black Hole – Disney

October 19, 2007 at 10:41 pm (odds) (, , , , , )

Ever since finding Tron at a boot sale, I’ve been looking out for The Black Hole too.  Another one of those odd Disney films from the 80s. Well, found it (on video) and just watch it.  I was quite surprised by how much I remembered!  Especially John Barry’s music.

Not a bad film really.  Held up to what I remembered about it, but doesn’t really do much for Black Holes in general (other than associated them with Barry’s menacing music!).  Also found an interesting fan site.

Glad I found it and was able to watch it again.

Aside, as with all my blog posts, this was an excuse to read up on wikipedia about something – in this case Black Holes.  The thing that has really prompted me to add this, though, is the concept of spaghettification.  Don’t care what it is – but what a great word!


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