4500 Amps

January 12, 2008 at 10:17 pm (interesting, moan) (, , )

There was one of those ‘top 10 roller coaster‘ type programmes on, I think it was, Sky 3 (freeview) the other day.  One of the coasters they showed was a large U-shape, with the car being shot up one arm of the U, coming to a halt near the top and dropping back to go up the other.  The car was powered by a linear motor, which the designers said uses 4500 Amps each time the car is launched.

Thats right, over 100 times the current rating of an electric shower.  10000 times the current of a 60W light bulb.  Ok, its probably for quite a short space of time, but when you think of all the talk of trying not to leave things on standby because of the power they use … and compare that to 4500 A a go, then it makes you realise quite how much effort (and environmental impact) goes into keeping people entertained …



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