Electronic Ad Boards

February 19, 2008 at 9:22 pm (computers, interesting, moan, odds) (, , , , )

There seems to be a significant current trend to slowly replace paper/card ad boards in places like stations and the underground, with flat-screen monitors, i.e., electronic ad boards.  We are seeing both small and large screens appearing in places where there would have just been a poster before. I have to ask why?

I wander around the house before going to bed turning things off standby mode … yet there are countless numbers of, essentially, computer monitors on in stations around the country.  This can’t be a good trend can it?  Would be very interested to see what the environmental impact of all this actually is.

Of course, it can lead to some (for a computer geek) humorous moments.  Mind you, I think the scariest one is probably this Russian ATM.  Can happen to Linux occasionally too.


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