Revels … and Internet Marketing

August 11, 2008 at 8:19 pm (interesting, internet, odds) (, , , , , , , )

We’ve just sat through the, quite entertaining, Revels Eviction website.  We dutifully sent the coffee creams to oblivion in various inventive ways …  Another interesting site is the natural confectionery company, who will send you a free bag of sweets, just for supplying an email and postal address (or would have done if they still had any).

Its interesting to see whole websites dedicated just to marketing a single product.  It doesn’t do anything useful, its just slightly entertaining, mentioned on the Revels packets themselves and gets you to think about the product.

Being of a generation that can remember when companies first started getting Internet connections, remembering a time when it was considered clever to guess website addresses (as being .com or .org or as appropriate), and remembering when I first saw a URL on a TV ad (and it made me stop and take note in surprise), it is interesting to reflect on how far things have come.

Its also interesting to observe how the naming system of the Internet has been completely demolished.  Not due to hackers, but due to misuse, greed and the general ‘tragedy of the commons‘.  Originally, it was expected that someone like Mars, inc, would have (say) and then have subpages or subsites for specific products (e.g. or whatever. These days, you’ll probably get actual Internet sites for specific products (like the Revels one above) – or if the companies don’t have them thenselves, then they probably point to somewhere dodgy.

Well, it is probably about to get worse.  The people who run the Internet have started working out how to let people get their own top-level domain name.  So if you didn’t fancy mars(dot)com, you could buy (for a 6-figure sum) (dot)mars itself! I wonder how long it will be before B&Q (the owners of buy  Beginning of the end in my opinion.


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