Make your own vacuum tubes …

September 20, 2008 at 10:01 pm (odds) ()

In an era of mass-production, its really curious to come across something like this – this French chap makes his own vacuum tubes … from glass and metal – no pre-fabricated parts at all! The skills displayed in this video are just astounding.

I know there are quite a few old car or bike enthusiasts who either make their own parts or buy them from individuals who do. I wonder if that would ever be possible with, say, an early computer – i.e. an enthusiast would be able to have the skills to repair and maintain something based on digital electronics. (Its probably going to be a lot harder with cars of today anyway, as there are already loads of computers in them).

Interesting stuff.


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“Let the drums speak …”

September 19, 2008 at 9:23 pm (interesting, music) (, , , , , , )

Just discovered this Italian guy, Andrea Vadrucci, on a drumming related blog (don’t ask) … and he is just amazing. He plays kit, but plays along to a rather bizaar choice of music … but, well, I’m no percussionist, but this guy is pretty damn good. His playing is really tight, even when drumming along to something like William Tell or the Barber of Seville (don’t know that you’d want him in your orchestra though).

One of the most curious though, has to be him playing along with the in-game music from Super Mario Bros 2. There are some great moments in this video (honest) – and a really good example of how musical this guy is (around 3 minutes in).

Anyway, he has a web site and myspace page. Very entertaining.


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Weird facebook groups

September 11, 2008 at 6:19 pm (internet, odds) (, , , , , , , )

What is it about facebook that seems to encourage such wacky groups? I stumbled across one that had me giggling for quite a few minutes just now, and thought that someone must have produced a list of weird facebook groups.  Well as usual, google provides.

Here is my run down of bizare groups that I’ve found so far on facebook (in no particular order – but it was the first one that started this adventure …).

  1. Writing ‘poo’ on banknotes. Get the nation involved.
  2. Physics doesn’t exist, it’s all gnomes.
  3. Kids who hid in dept store clothes racks while their mom was shopping.
  4. I yell at inanimate objects.
  5. Shoephone appreciation society.
  6. On May 15th 2008 everyone needs to go out and panic buy carrots. (and heres a group to give them out again).
  7. Pee outside.
  8. Dude, sorry for the drunk texts last night,I was wasted.
  9. Weird instrument lovers.
  10. I tend to fart in public.

Something for everyone, I think you’ll agree!

Do let me know of any other weird groups you stumble across.


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Potter Puppet Pals

September 10, 2008 at 8:44 pm (odds) (, , , , )

The kids have spent a lot of time watching the potter puppet pals … and they are quite amusing (the first few times).

What I find really interesting though is how something so ‘home grown’ can become so big – youtube stats for the ‘mysterious ticking noise’ have the number of plays up in the 50 million views! Some major TV shows don’t get that much viewing … it really shows that media is moving from large corporations over to individuals. It also highlights the viral nature of ‘this is good, I must show my friends’ – especially if it captures the interest of the school-age audience.

If you do go and have a lot, be sure to see the ‘playground’ on the site – the ‘stretch’ application is just a scream … (you can do really funny things with Snape’s nose!)


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