A Story about Magic

November 5, 2008 at 9:49 pm (computers, internet, odds) (, , , , , , , , )

Computers can be odd things at times. Some people give their’s names (they’re not all called ‘kitchen computer’), we nearly all talk about them doing things without being told (it crashed, it lost my file, its not printing). Well, this story just confirms everything I ever suspected about them – for a supposedly logical, predictable entity – they are too damn complicated and unpredictable by half.

Everyone in IT futures tells me that eventually we may have software doing things on our behalf – a PVR that ‘knows’ what I like to watch, an intelligent search that knows what I really mean when I use Google, intelligent news-gophers that give me the news they know I’m interested in, the fridge will know what I’ve eaten and automatically print out my shopping list and so on (which is fine, until it starts talking to the bathroom scales …).

Well, while there is still ‘magic’ in computers, I think I’d like to keep deciding these things for myself …



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  1. elohim said,

    I had a *feeling* I’d read that before … and from the date of the “update” at the bottom, I probably have – the update was from 1994!!! Still, I’d not seen the update before, so its nice to have most likely an answer for that after all these years.

    “Where are you server 56” (sic) was the best IT story I’ve ever read though, nothing compares!

    Plus … don’t name your computer? Everyone does! That initial installation, some network ID is needed? I hate the boring gits who go for the default (I09845409389543) or have a total imagination failure and go for something like Pete-64 or Pete95. Sigh!

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