Wiimote sensor bar …

January 2, 2009 at 11:11 am (moan, odds) (, , , )

Like a great many this christmas, we succumbed and bought a Wii. Its great, but why, oh why, did Nintendo assume that your Wii will sit next to your display? Yes, I’m talking about the Wiimote sensor bar.

We like to use a projector, which is just made for Wii gaming – large screen, cheap price, large movement area in front, etc, but with a projector, all the AV equipment is at the back end, away from the screen. At the moment, we have several long AV extension leads to let the Wii sit under the screen, just so that it can plug into the sensor bar (unfortunately, this also means that the Wii is rather exposed … not what you want when you are taking part in games with lots of physical movement).

You can get Wii sensor bar extension cables, but they don’t seem to extend it very much, and why did Nintendo put a daft proprietory connector on it, when almost any connector would do, making it hard to make-your-own-cable.

Oh well. Maybe doing the DIY option could be a possibility.

Will have to see what I can do, before I rearrange all our other equipment just to accomodate the Wii …


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  1. elohim said,

    Ah aye that is annoying, mine’s perched on top of my TV, had to carefully move the cow, dragon and horse toys out of the way, and was always fearful I’d knock it off when walking past – been okay so far though!

    Wii brain training. đŸ˜‰ Good for the kids too! Must get back onto my Wii someday …

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