As Slow as Possible

February 10, 2009 at 9:23 pm (music, odds) (, , , )

Ok. I am quite a fan of experimental music, but this is stretching even my credulity a little far.

This piece was on the news today. It is a performance of John Cage‘s ‘As Slow as Possible‘, which started with a rest. For 17 months. According to wikipedia, the first audible sound appeared in 2003 and there have been 7 changes of note todate, with the most recent being this month (Feb 2009) – hence the news item.

Actually, reading about it now, I am slightly more inclined to see this as a ‘bit of fun’ (albeit one that is scheduled to last 639 years). I quite like this quote from what I assume is a sort of fan website:

It was determined that as slow as possible would be to play the piece “at least as long as the organ remains and as long as peace and creativity in the following generations exists”.

There is certainly a curious appeal of a project that thinks in such, almost timeless, timescales.

So, why not I guess? For full details, see ‘The John Cage Project’ website.  I wonder what will happen in 630 odd years time, when the last notes dies.  What would they do as an encore?


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String Fever

February 8, 2009 at 9:01 pm (internet, music, odds) (, , , , , )

I quite like coming across slightly eccentric musical acts. Saw this one on a kids show today – String Fever. A slightly new take on the old string quartet. Their performance of Ravel’s Bolero is particularly impressive, seeing as they all play it on a single cello at the same time!

And if you’re studying for A-Level music, you could do a lot worse than seeing their ‘History of Music in 5 minutes‘.


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T-Mobile ad

February 4, 2009 at 6:02 pm (computers, interesting, internet, places) (, , , , , , , )

After noting improv everywhere the other week, I’ve started seeing the T-mobile ad on the TV and around and about, which is a very similar sort of thing. It gives the impression of an improvised, flash-mob style dance routine at London’s Liverpool St station.

One of the curious things for me though, is seeing the ad on those TV ad screens in stations and the Tube finishing with a URL that directly mentions YouTube.

It shows what a ubiquitous brand YouTube has become, sort of like how people have started saying they are ‘just off to google for something’ (although I’ve yet to see someone google for their keys … but with RFID and predictions about the ‘Internet of things‘, maybe one day that even that will come).


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