Painting via Google Street View

September 11, 2009 at 7:58 pm (art, interesting, internet) (, , , , , , , )

There have been several articles in the mainstream media (Telegraph and Daily Mail to mention a couple) just recently, about American artist Bill Guffey, who paints traditional scenes, but instead of painting from a visit to a landscape, or a photo, he uses the pictures provided by Google Street ViewSee his gallery hereIn another gallery, he’s painted a picture from every state in the US (apart from Hawaii, that apparently doens’t yet have Street View).

Its a great application of modern technology to a more traditional pastime.



  1. tervicz said,

    They’re beautiful. Some weird places though, I wonder if the Google Car literally goes down every single tiny road it can – some of the photos seemed to be hard-to-get-to locations like the beach.

  2. emalliab said,

    Hello! Welcome to!

    Don’t know about the car … I have seen some roads its not possible to navigate down on street view, so I guess it doesn’t …

    Maybe it links up with the user-submitted pictures someway?


    • raptortech97 said,

      Maybe it links up with the user-submitted pictures someway?
      nope, google actually put cameras on a lot of cars and they drove around a lot. took a while for them to do.

  3. emalliab said,

    Well yes, for the main routes, but I think the question was aimed at the areas that look like no car could go down them. That’s what we were speculating about – how those pictures came about.

    Maybe there is also a Google mountain bike!


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