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September 25, 2009 at 9:09 pm (computers, internet) (, , , )

I’ve mentioned xkcd so many times already in this blog, but then it is just so good.  Sometimes very witty, sometimes very geeky, sometimes quite astute, other times quite sad actually.

Anyway, once a map of the Internet appeared in the comic, and then got mentioned all over the place, including someone printing out a real version, based on the real addresses.  Well, like all maps, it is of limited use unless you know where you are – well now you can.  This website will plot you (well, your PC) on the numerical map of the Internet.  So, just click here to see ‘you are here’.



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  1. tervicz said,

    Shoved in the corner of the map! I guess we both were though being in Europe, heh. I love stuff like this, really quite nice that there are geeks out there who like the same stuff and actually have the time to *do* it. Woot!

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