Why doesn’t Cornelia Parker like Brass instruments?

November 18, 2009 at 10:23 pm (art) (, , , )

I’m pottering about on my laptop whilst the TV is on, and there is a programme about the future of modern art on one of the digital BBC channels.  Its very interesting.

One of the artists interviewed is Cornelia Parker.  She has some really interesting works of art, many of which are available for viewing in some of the famous galleries, like the Tate.

Of particular interest, and the thing that made me look up, was a work on display in the V&A, that has essentially created a large ceiling rose out of a set of squashed brass band instruments!  She had them squashed in the large hydraulic presses at work within Tower Bridge. It looks great!  Its called ‘breathless’ – you can read about it here.  If you are in any way squeamish about your brass instruments, you should maybe look away now 🙂

Another interesting one, is ‘Cold, Dark Matter: An Exploded View‘.  This appears to be a shed, that was blown up and put together in the exploded form in the Tate.

She has some very interesting work.



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