Crowdsourcing Art in the Clouds over London

December 17, 2009 at 3:18 pm (art, interesting) (, )

Now this is a very curious project –  If I read things correctly, it would appear that the plan is to raise some kind of high-level art work/monument/construction for people to visit, above London for 2012.  It connects to digital media somehow and apparently the size will depend on the donations they receive from around the world.  It would appear that they plan to crowdsource a large number of small donations.

Once built, visitors will contribute to the energy harvesting project simply by walking up to the top.  Looks very high for a bubbly, transparent, and above all flexible looking structure.

I’d quite like to know more about the digital media aspect, its not clear what that is all about from the website.

All sounds very ambitious but interesting none-the-less.



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