Joseph and the Amazing Catalogue of Musical Styles …

March 13, 2010 at 5:00 pm (kids, music) (, , , , )

The kids are learning the school’s version of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolo(u)r Dreamcoat, so we’ve been listening to it again recently. Only we have the full version on CD, and every time I hear it it makes me smile to hear all the musical cliches that ALW managed to get into one piece of music.

You have the country-style ‘one more angel in heaven‘, the 20’s style ‘Potiphar‘, the early incarnation of Elvis as pharaoh, the stereotypically French ‘Canaan days‘, Benjamin’s Calypso and of course all the other famous numbers.  Personally, I like Grovel, grovel the best … a great song!

Its also great to see someone like the Really Useful Company (ALW’s company) put official videos up on YouTube!  Also shows how far social media has come in the last few years.

If you haven’t listened to it since school yourself, its well worth getting it out again.  Just don’t take it too seriously.  Lots of fun.



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