Spirograph Art

May 29, 2010 at 7:50 pm (art, kids) (, , , )

Had James May’s toy progamme on in the background and he started talking about spirograph, complaining how noone can do it!   Wikipedia has a detailed mathematical description of how it all works …

Then they cut over to Leslie Halliwell, who has used spriograph to create very large works of art.  Her patience must be nearly infinite!  The large scale works are very, very impressive.

Of course, today for the rest of us, we can keep the biros in the drawer and just use a computer


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  1. tervicz said,

    I’d totally forgotten about that thing, spent many hours playing with them when I was young. Seem to remember managed to do quite a few of the examples, but almost always was a little mistake here and there, heh. I loved the java applet though. Finally, a real, practical use for java. I’m surprised and pleased.

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