Your computer is not working properly …

June 25, 2010 at 9:11 pm (computers) (, )

I heard of this scam and we experienced it first hand today.  Someone gets your name and phone number and rings you up to tell you that your computer isn’t working properly, and you have to do something about it.  And the thing you have to do is connect to a certain website and get someone to ‘help you clean it up’.

The scam of course is that they talk you into going to a website that actually contains malware, a virus or some other kind of dodgy stuff.  If you do that, and ‘ok’ the right messages after going to the website, your PC will soon really get infected with all sorts of nasties and then you really will have problems!

One of the ways the scam works though is to be really agresive and pushy on the phone, and then people naturally tend to want to avoid the vocal confrontation and so follow the instructions to get rid of the person on the phone.

Thankfully for us, my wife just told them to stop pestering and hung up.  Also, she wouldn’t have been able to have anything installed on the PC without the administrators password anyway, so they picked the wrong person for that one.

However, how many people do you know who have a computer with no checks for administrative operations, won’t realise that people don’t tend to ring you up, and don’t understand that connecting to a website that your given and then running arbitrary commands on their PC is a Bad Thing. I can imagine this scam working very well for a lot of the time.  You have been warned …




  1. tervicz said,

    *grin* Marriage and sharing only goes so far? No sharing of admin passwords, priceless stuff!

    I hate these sorts of things though. My Dad got totally done in by one of those popups that said “you have a virus! Click here!” things once. Fortunately it wasn’t too violent an application to liberate, but still really annoying.

  2. Get Safe Online week coming up … « Kevin's Blog said,

    […] of all cyber crime incidents – phishing, malware, ID theft, credit card scams, possibly even dodgy phone calls, and so on – could probably be stopped if people followed some basic ‘cyber […]

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