There I Fixed It … Sort of

July 10, 2010 at 9:24 am (odds) (, , , )

This is another collection of pictures one could only hope to find in the same place via the Internet.  A collection of the bodges, dodges and possibly even a few candidates for the Darwin Awards … all collected together on

A couple of particular favourites that either made me smile or stare at the screen in wonderment at the nature of humankind …

And these are just a selection of the submissions from July this year …

Fascinating stuff.



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  1. I’ve unleashed a monster … « Kevin's Blog said,

    […] (odds) (cheezburger network, failblog, hacked irl) First there was shitmykidsruined.  Then came thereifixedit.  In their wake is a plethora of similar sites that are guaranteed to have you staring in […]

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