I’ve unleashed a monster …

August 5, 2010 at 9:35 pm (odds) (, , )

First there was shitmykidsruined.  Then came thereifixedit.  In their wake is a plethora of similar sites that are guaranteed to have you staring in disbelief, bewilderment or general bemusement.  I’ve had links to many others sent my way, most appear to be from the cheezburger network.

Some examples, if you are looking to lose an hour or so.

Failblog – “Helping you feel better about yourself everyday”.  They got that one right.  Some epic fails there.  Nicely balanced with some ocasional wins though, just to restore some faith in human nature.

Failbook – “Too funny to unfriend”.  I liked this one – slightly redacted extracts from Facebook status and wall posts where things took a turn for the worse.  Lots of those posts you’d rather forget, or those posts that no matter what you try to say to turn it round, you just end up making it worse!

Hacked IRL – sometimes reality is the weirdest thing around.

Very Demotivational – “Demotivational Posters”.



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