Get Safe Online week coming up …

November 12, 2010 at 5:32 pm (computers, internet, security) (, , , , )

Apparently it is going to be ‘Get Safe Online week’ next week.

Well, I’ve recently heard that something like three quarters of all cyber crime incidents – phishing, malware, ID theft, credit card scams, possibly even dodgy phone calls, and so on – could probably be stopped if people followed some basic ‘cyber hygiene’ rules such as can be found on sites like Get Safe Online –

So, in the interests of doing my bit, I would strongly recommend having a browse through the site.  In fact, why not get ahead of the crowds and do it today!

Another good place to go for general information, especially about safe and sensible use of online social networks, is the Information Commissioner’s Office – see

Couple more resources to consider – Own Your Space – a free e-book download, and Facebook have a security page with useful info.


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