Odd Virtual World and Gaming Stories

August 7, 2011 at 9:33 pm (computers, internet) (, , , , )

There is a great article over at cracked.com about the “7 Biggest Dick Moves in the History of Online Gaming“.  It is a fairly extensive account of some of the best (or worst depending on your point of view) examples of human misbehaviour in virtual worlds and online games.

I’m not sure what was worst, that they were all described in detail or that I had already encountered most of them at some point whilst following the antics of virtual worlds.

Do take a look to see how some people played the system, broke assumptions about the worlds, took the money and ran or just generally trolled out the griefing.

They include the out of control plague to hit World of Warcraft, where carriers deliberately wandered around newbie areas killing them off!; the ganging up in Ever Quest to kill an unkillable monster, totally surprising the game owners so much that they turned the servers off as it was about to die; the slaughter of the virtual mourners holding a funeral in World of Warcraft following the RL death of a player; the Anshe Chung interview ruined by flying penises in Second Life (did this influence the title of the post I wonder); and the chap who setup a virtual bank in Eve Online and then did a runner with the profits.

The only story that I could think of not on the list was the group (I forget who it was) who organised a virtual conference in World Of Warcraft, after all as an immersive medium virtual worlds have a huge edge in interactivity for virtual events, who had a large percentage of their guests slaughtered when they entered the world for the first time.  Many didn’t even make it to the location of the conference.  Oh well, a bold experiment.  More recent virtual world conferences tend to be held in more controlled environments these days.

Human ingenuity.  Fabulous.  A fun read, and thanks to Pete for the link.



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