Parent and Pupil Learning Conference

October 22, 2011 at 9:36 am (kids, moan, odds) (, )

Yes, you read that right.  That is what came home on the top of a school letter this week.  What do you think that might be?  What’s wrong with “Parent Evening”?  Why start inventing new pretentious terminology?  That’s one for the Plain English Campaign if ever I saw one!

Well, I might be a bit busy that evening, as I have to:

  • Create a culinary, early evening nutritional experience (make the tea)
  • Ensure that extra-curricular learning enhancements are being achieved (make the kids do their homework)
  • Partake in mind expanding information gathering (browsing the Internet)
  • Have some immersive, competitive, electronic stimulation (play some computer games)
  • Perform some social voyeurism and expand my social horizons (read Facebook)
  • Encourage wind-down, enduce a relaxed-mind state and create an environment for visual stimuli and body recharging (read bedtime stories and get the kids to bed)
  • And then finally perform some passive media-rich information absorbtion (watch some telly)


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  1. tervicz said,

    Utterly hysterical, thank you Kevin. 🙂

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