The Robot and the Sparrow

February 5, 2012 at 7:31 pm (art, interesting) (, )

I was exploring the world of independent cartoons and a colleague of mine recommended that I take a look at “The Robot and the Sparrow“, by Jake Parker.  Well, I’ve finally gotten around to doing just that and its wonderful.

Its a story of friendship between a robot and a sparrow (as you might imagine), how they become friends after the robot lands on the Earth.  Its a very simple story, but the details of passing seasons and sense of time passing and learning about the world.

I quite liked the frame where the sparrow asks what robots dream about, and when the robot asks what dreaming is, the comment is

“Though the sparrow had a very clear idea of what dreaming was in his own head, he found it very hard to explain.”

As the seasons pass and the sparrow finally has to fly away for warmer climates, we eventually find out what robots dream out.

A very well drawn, simple and extremely charming tale.



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