Creativity during mundanity

December 14, 2012 at 8:59 pm (art, interesting) (, , , )

Inbetween dozing on the train today, I happened to notice the person sitting next to me was typing on a laptop – as many often do.  Then I noticed that rather than something that looked like an email or a formal document, she was typing raw text into notepad, so I looked a little closer and then saw what she was doing.  She was writing a story; part of a narrative about a relationship.

Intrigued I then noticed the title of the document she was writing, and made a mental note, as I wondered if she was writing it to publish it anywhere or just writing for her own personal curiousity.  Well it turns out that the story is part of a series of fan-fiction writings being published via a LiveJournal.

Now, I have to say I am not a fan of the specific subject in question, but then I seriously doubt I am her target audience either.  But what really intrigued me though was to see a small glimpse of the creativity at work.  How the author was using the time as part of a commute (I don’t know if its a regular commute or not) to escape from the mundanity of the day into her own private fantasy world, using that time to turn that private world into a publicly visible fantasy world for others to enjoy too.

The LiveJournal blog contains the prolific writings of two authors, and it would appear that for a small moment, I stumbled across part 7 of a 9 part series being created right there and then.  It was interesting to see the care over writing, thinking, editing, deleting, writing some more and so on – the time taken to construct just a few phrases until they appeared to her liking.

I do wonder how many times during the day the author’s mind was with her fantasy world when it should have been on the real world and how long the entire work will take in terms of hours consumed to bring it to the public.  How many more train journeys it will take.

In interesting short insight into the act of creation as it happens.  I’ve made a mental note to check back in a month or two to see if the series is complete.



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