Buying Tickets Online Against the Clock

October 11, 2013 at 9:30 pm (moan) (, )

Isn’t it great the progress we have made as a society when it comes to being able to purchase things like tickets for events, whenever we want to, online.  Here is my most recent example, this evening, buying tickets for a very prominent London venue.

Sitting down in front of the TV – ah yes, really must book those tickets whilst I think about it and whilst there is still a chance of getting the seats I want.  Grab tablet and logon.

Google search – venue website location.  Search for event – yes, there it is, right – “buy tickets” yes please.

Ok – do I go for best available?  I’ve met these websites before, finding good seats can be a pain – yes, “best available” please.  5 selected (adults, kids, one hanger on) – now what – ah yes, “add to basket”.  Ah, 20 minutes to complete – fairy nough.

Wait – those are the worst seats!  Back – hmm.  Number of tickets for the seats I wanted only goes up to 4.  Select anyway to see if can change.  Added to basket (19 minutes).  Now have 9 seats …

Wait what is that – 2% booking fee?  Sigh.  Wait – and £2 per ticket?  That’s taking the micky a bit … (18 minutes).

Remove from basket – back.  Select four seats I want.  Added to basket (17 minutes).  Good.  Back, add one more.  Sigh – now have four in a row and 1 odd one elsewhere in the building (16 minutes).  Wheres the seating plan?  No – doesn’t actually give me seat numbers, or sector letters … Remove from basket and try again (15 minutes).

Select number of seats first this time – 5, good.  Now select type of seat I want, yes, seems to work.  Add to basket – yes, 5 seats – now we’re making progress. (14 minutes).  Still not sure where they are though – Google for seating plan – ah yes, no numbers but that area will do.  Right checkout. (13 minutes).

Please register or login?  Sigh.  Sure I’ve used them before – guess probable email address/password – no go.  Ok (12 minutes).  Register again then.  Name, postcode, email (typing on the tablet – wish I’d used the computer). (11 minutes). Submit.

Ah, email address already used – so I guessed that right at least then.  Try to login with different password (10 minutes).  No.  Do I go for another try?  No.  Sigh.  “Request password”.  Now really do have to go to computer to read email. (9 minutes).

Ah a password reset link to click – at least they do the security right.  Click on link.  Select new password. (8 minutes).

Didn’t associate my shopping basket though from the tablet though, so back to tablet. (7 minutes).  Login properly this time – good.  No, I don’t want your email newsletter. (6 minutes).  Stage 1 of 4 …

Click through confirm selection … yes, address details right … wait – what are those collection options? (5 minutes).  Why do I care if its franked or not?  Do they cost differently?  Don’t think so. (4 minutes).  Ok, just post them please.  On to step 3.  Right – ah of course, need to actually go and get my credit card. (3 minutes).

(2 minutes) Type in credit card.  Verification.  Name. (1 minute).  Off to verified by visa … right.  Done.

Ah, finally is that it?  Yes, step 4 – receipt.  Good job I typed the credit card details in correctly!

Was that really only 20 minutes?  Was I buying tickets or taking part in some bizarre version of the kypton factor?

Still thats progress – I was able to just do it at my convenience from home, even if I couldn’t choose my exact seats … but maybe they really should have allowed half an hour!



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