Kevin’s blog.  Where you may find a few mind-expanding thoughts about the nature of life and the universe.  Or you might not.  You will certainly see some wheels being re-invented as I like to find out how to do things myself.

You are welcome to tag along for the ride.

All ramblings and opinions are mine and mine alone.  No-one else was harmed in the creation of this blog.  As far as I know.



  1. O. Scharnefski said,

    Hi Kevin,
    I tried to get the RasWIK, but unfortunatelly it is not available any more, as well as the components, the XinoRF or RaspPi-RF-shield (slice of radio).
    Do you know stores or shops where I can buy them or do you have ideas for actual alternatives?

    Thank you!

    • Kevin said,

      I’m afraid I don’t know of any sources now. There is a google group for their OpenPi system where people are piecing back together the information about the various modules, it might be worth asking there?

      Shame really as this was quite a neat little ecosystem of boards and modules.


  2. Radioactive Waste said,

    Hi kevin

    Would you have any srf chips or even the xbee shaped xrf module ciseco produced that you would be happy to part with for a cash incentive…just bricked one and am looking everywhere for one.



  3. Hamed Khatami said,

    Hi Kevin,

    I’m in a trouble with my acer iconia w510.
    I started to recover it with the recovery dvd but now I see that the recovery dvd disk 2 of 2 is lost!!
    Now I’m confused, because I’m in the middle of recovery progress. What should I have to do?


    • Kevin said,

      Sorry, I’m afraid I don’t know, I never had any recovery media. All I know has already been documented in my blog post. Maybe it is worth starting from Microsofts original media as I did. Sorry, I can’t be of more help. Good luck.


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