Kevin’s blog.  Where you may find a few mind-expanding thoughts about the nature of life and the universe.  Or you might not.  You will certainly see some wheels being re-invented as I like to find out how to do things myself.

You are welcome to tag along for the ride.

All ramblings and opinions are mine and mine alone.  No-one else was harmed in the creation of this blog.  As far as I know.




  1. O. Scharnefski said,

    Hi Kevin,
    I tried to get the RasWIK, but unfortunatelly it is not available any more, as well as the components, the XinoRF or RaspPi-RF-shield (slice of radio).
    Do you know stores or shops where I can buy them or do you have ideas for actual alternatives?

    Thank you!

    • Kevin said,

      I’m afraid I don’t know of any sources now. There is a google group for their OpenPi system where people are piecing back together the information about the various modules, it might be worth asking there?

      Shame really as this was quite a neat little ecosystem of boards and modules.


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