This is my “now” page, inspired by Derek Sivers’  It describes my areas of personal focus (i.e. not work and family) for the next little while.

Last updated: March 2019

Technology: “fintech”, artificial intelligence and analytics, edge computing, embedded programming.

Maker: music making with ATtiny microcontrollers; Conway’s game of life on different LED displays.

Places: Design Museum, V&A cast galleries, Tate Modern, Cecil Court (all in London).

Fiction: Matthew Blakstad’s “Sockpuppet”; John Scalzi’s “Lock In”; John Twelve Hawks “The Traveller” trilogy; Philip K. Dick.

Non-fiction: books from the past attempting to predict the future, especially those that have passed their prediction dates.

Music: charity shop classical CD purchase “lucky dips”, including Glass, Shostakovich, and Brahms symphonies; Mozart concertos for two and three pianos; Italian Baroque concertos; and range of Boyce and Delius.