How much? I could buy a computer for that!

January 18, 2016 at 9:17 pm (computers, internet) (, , )

First there was the C.H.I.P. – the $9 computer with built-in Wifi.  Then soon after that appeared on Kickstarter, the Raspberry Pi Zero came out – a $5 Raspberry Pi.  Ok, so strictly speaking you need a few accessories to really get them going as fully fledged computers as most people would recognise the term, but in these days of cheap computers, it made me think, just how does this compare with other ‘everyday’ items?

So, taking the “list price” for the Pi Zero, as £4 … that is:

Of course, these days, $5 will get you  a whole range of goods and services, including, according to Dave Gormon, 5000 Twitter followers!

And of course, as per the tweet that started the thinking behind this ramble … just slightly more than a 10 minute bus trip in Cambridge!



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