Why do we still manually change the clocks?

March 30, 2013 at 11:46 pm (odds) (, , )

As I took part in the usual twice yearly ritual this morning of “find the clock I’ve forgotten to change”, I noticed that the video was still on BST from October … And it got me thinking about how long it will be before changing clocks is a thing of the past. Not because someone finally convinces enough of a majority that we should abandon the concept, but more because all of our clocks will automatically update themselves.

Already, many smartphones, computers and tablets update themselves, either from time synchronisation over the Internet or by built-in knowledge of time zones and daylight savings formulae from around the world.

Many TVs and set top boxes will get a time signal over the air, as will digital radios. GPS is used for time setting a lot these days too and you’ve been able to get clocks that can receive the time signal (is it still from Rugby?) for ages.

So all we need now are radio/network connected ovens and microwaves, smartphones have already replaced wristwatches for many, that just leaves those cheap wall clocks that take a single AA battery.

So when you can buy cheap kids clocks in the 99p stores that auto update, I’ll know we reached the point where people will just wake up one day in March wondering why they are still feeling tired, not noticing that the clocks changed without their knowledge. And similarly there will be that odd day in October where people apparently wake up a hour early for no specific reason.

All that will be really needed then is for children’s body clocks to auto synchronise too and the transformation will be complete.



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