Action on CO2

January 13, 2008 at 5:00 pm (house, internet, security) (, , )

Those adds with the funny engines on wheels have been quite prevalent recently. One thing that struck me about them, is that they end saying something like ‘search for Action on CO2 online’ rather than give a web address, which I considered odd.

Well, the carbon calculator page is (as far as I can tell), and I think that the actual site that tells you about the initiative is  Neither of these appear in any of the first page of search results for ‘action on co2’ in google.  Looks like has been cybersquatted by someone.

This could be a good scam for someone – get a site, use all the search engine tricks you know to get it high up in the ratings for results for searching on ‘action on co2’ and anyone who follows the advice from the government ad on the telly will end up at your site, downloading whatever you choose to put on the main page.  Hmm…

With a URL like the ones above, I can see why they perhaps didn’t want to put it on the ad, but to just say ‘search online’ seems like a mistake to me ….


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