There I Fixed It … Sort of

July 10, 2010 at 9:24 am (odds) (, , , )

This is another collection of pictures one could only hope to find in the same place via the Internet.  A collection of the bodges, dodges and possibly even a few candidates for the Darwin Awards … all collected together on

A couple of particular favourites that either made me smile or stare at the screen in wonderment at the nature of humankind …

And these are just a selection of the submissions from July this year …

Fascinating stuff.


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In the Night Garden

April 29, 2007 at 8:28 pm (kids) (, , )

Have you seen ‘In the Night Garden‘, the latest cbeebies special?  Sort of a cross between Teletubbies and a Salvador Dali painting, with music that can only be described as ‘ditties’. However the funny thing is, although the music is quite unforgettable (I go through whole days humming some of the tunes) its actually very pleasing.  Quite sweet but not sickly sweet.  Charming in fact.

All the kids in the family love this.  Over the Easter holidays, we sometimes had it on for all 3 showings!  For some reason it wasn’t on this week – hopefully thats a short respite.  It deserves success.  We are wholly converted now.

So take down the little sail, light the little light and start your journey to the garden in the night …


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